About CFAC


A pandemic in 2020 has changed the world and our lives.

The global art and cultural industries were suddenly plunged into a cold winter, and glamorous stage curtains have had to remain drawn.

With their backs against the wall, performance groups in Taiwan overcame the hardship through various methods,

such as online concerts, digital theaters, and outdoor performances,

In 1996, the CTBC Foundation for Arts and Culture was established.

The Novel Hall for Performing Arts wove countless moving memories, creating the best model of collaboration between corporations and the arts;


In 2015, the Novel Hall left its original address.

After leaving, we didn’t want a magnificent transformation. Instead, we sought to promote art across urban and rural areas step by step.


We embraced our original aspirations for “educating through the arts, and nurturing the arts through culture”

and continued to extend our reach in fostering art and culture.

It is our hope to use public welfare initiatives in the arts to benefit society more,

and to build a platform through which everyone can become more familiar with art and culture.


Whether you are in a bustling city, or in the deep mountains where the gentle breeze blows and the moon shines brightly,

let art into your life, and savor it daily;

we believe that the power of art is enough to change lives.

Change is happening.